Training Registration


Veritec’s training process is a vital part of the overall success of our regulatory and compliance solutions.

An integral part of our new jurisdiction implementation requires a commitment to training both on our part and on the part of the Jurisdiction. Lenders are required to sign up and attend the in-person training session prior to initial roll out. These easy to attend sessions are conducted across the jurisdiction at no charge to the licensees. This ensures that the marketplace understands the new rules and regulations.

Veritec uses a PIN-based system, and assigns each corporation its own unique PIN. Once a lender is licensed in a jurisdiction with the Veritec system and a PIN has been issued, a welcome package is available for download. The welcome package includes a brief overview about Veritec, services, fees, training dates and locations. This process affords the lender the opportunity to choose the most convenient training session for his or her schedule.

Veritec limits the class size to increase the accessibility and opportunity for our clients to absorb as much information as possible. Two face-to-face training sessions are offered at each location. The number of training locations within each jurisdiction varies based on the size of the jurisdiction and the contractual requirements.

“The in-person training provided by Veritec was a great way to learn the system. They make using the system and verifying compliance straightforward and easy to understand.”

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We encourage two or three individuals from each corporation to attend the customised training. Sessions will be tailored to your staff's needs.