About Veritec Solutions


Veritec Solutions provides regulatory and compliance solutions for governmental agencies around the World.

Since 2001, Veritec Solutions has helped more than a dozen jurisdictions implement and oversee their regulatory compliance systems. With a proven track record of success in implementing “first-of-its-kind” and “commercial-off-the-shelf” regulatory systems, Veritec can assure your jurisdiction a safe and smooth transition. We understand the importance of a reliable, quality-oriented and customer-focused operational environment, and we have years of experience delivering these capabilities.

We believe that the cornerstones of quality service delivery and operations are:

  • World-class technical and operations solutions
  • A clear understanding of the business and customer needs
  • Highly trained and motivated personnel
  • Effective management processes
  • And proven business continuity processes

Veritec’s real-time, regulatory solutions have been configured and deployed for regulatory programs in thirteen jurisdictions over the last decade, and we continue to host, operate and manage all of them. Our Customer Care Centre has handled tens of thousands of calls using established and documented procedures approved by individual jurisdictions’ regulatory agencies and in compliance with program requirements. We have also trained thousands of regulatory and licensee personnel to effectively meet regulatory requirements and applicable laws.

Our clients will provide the best testimonial about our delivery and management of regulatory programs, and we encourage you to reach out to them for their opinions (a list of customer contacts can be delivered upon request).

Veritec understands our responsibility for providing on-going, high-availability hosting and operations, and we strive to meet and exceed all of our clients’ specific requirements. We currently have a presence in Canada, the United Kingdom and across the United States. Our combination of knowledge capital, delivery capability, financial resources, experience and commitment to quality ensures delivery of an effective regulatory environment at the best value and least risk for your jurisdiction.

“This database is a key component of our strategy to impose a comprehensive regulatory program that is both efficient and effective. Harnessing the power of technology, every consumer transaction will be run through this database, providing an umbrella of protection to consumers, regulatory efficiency to OFIS, and ease of use to licensees.”

— Linda Watters
Former Michigan
Commissioner of OFIS